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Time to get the Winter Woolies out!

Brrr! Winter might be a bit late this year but it’s certainly making it’s presence known now. The cold weather is playing having with my sinuses. Although I’m feeling a lot better now it was a different story a few weeks ago.

Winter Woolies Pencil & Ink Sketches

I spent an entire Sunday in front of the TV with a head that felt like it was going to explode so I tried to take my mind off it with a bit of doodling and sketching. This assortment of winter woolies, drawn with pencil and fine-liner, is the result.

Naturally, my mind was already working on what kind of patterns I could make and when I felt better a few days later I managed to get the mittens coloured and turned them in to this fun seasonal pattern. I was going to colour them with watercolours but I decided to scan the line drawings in and digitally paint them instead to get the effect I wanted.

Winter Woolies Pattern Design
Above: Winter Woolies Mug, Winter Woolies Art Print, Winter Woolies Greeting Cards and Winter Woolies Throw Pillow on Society6

I still need to work on the woolly hats but I think I might try a mix of hats and mitts first. Thinking I might need a bigger variety of hats before I can work on a hat only design. For the moment though, I’ve already added my Winter Woolies Mittens design to my Society6, Redbubble & Zazzle stores for an assortment of products that are perfect for those winter months. Enjoy!

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