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A Right Royal Hedgehog

If you cast your minds back a few weeks you’ll know that I settled down to paint a new order of paintings for Whitby Galleries. It was only a small order but one of them was a special request for something completely different to what I normally paint. It was a hedgehog, and a right royal hedgehog too!

Royal Hedgehog Commission Painting
HRH Prince Hedgehog

I’ve since heard back from Whitby Galleries letting me know that the painting was a success so I thought I’d share it with you. The brief was simple enough, a royal hedgehog with the initials HRH to be included somewhere on the painting. It took me a few days of brainstorming but this is what I came up with.

I decided on a semi-curled hedgehog sitting in a throne which bore the initials. I also needed a crown but I was finding it difficult to make it look right on the hedgehog’s head while avoiding covering the initials. It seemed an impossible task so I placed it in his paws instead.

I absolutely loved painting this one and I definitely think that I may have to start a little series of cute big-eyed hedgehog ACEOs in the near future.

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