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Cats Enjoying Snow and Books on their Way to Whitby

Hi all! I’ve just arrived back home after a trip to the post office to have my latest order of cat paintings sent off to Whitby Galleries. There’s only 5 this time which in a way I’m pleased about as I’ve been having a bit of bother with my hand since the colder weather arrived. RSI is a pain in the proverbial!

2 Cat Paintings by Lisa Marie Robinson - Whitby Galleries November 2013
Winter Wood Chill and Cat Tales – Whitby Galleries November 2013

I thought that I would include a couple of Wintery cat paintings now that the cold weather is here and Winter Wood Chill is the first. It’s based on an ACEO called A Wintery Breeze that I painted a while ago which I’ve adapted to make it work with the square format.

Next up is Cat Tales. I love vintage books so I thought I’d paint another book themed cat painting. This time a ginger tabby and a tuxedo have fallen asleep on top of the vintage books. For some extra interest I gave some of the books cat inspired titles and yes, the spines are based on vintage books from my own collection.

2 Cat Paintings by Lisa Marie Robinson - Whitby Galleries November 2013
Knee Deep in the White Stuff and Striped Yin & Tuxedo Yang – Whitby Galleries November 2013

My second Winter themed painting is called Knee Deep in the White Stuff and I have to admit, I’m rather in love with it and didn’t want it to go. I hope he goes to a loving and warm home because he looks so bewildered by all that snow!

You might have spotted that I’ve been at the boxes again. I just can’t help myself when it comes to cats in boxes so I’ve sneaked in another one and like Winter Wood Chill, this one is also based on an ACEO. It’s a little bit of an odd angle, and makes you do a double take, but I rather like that it’s looking straight down in to a box. It’s different.

Cat Stuck in Cat Flap Painting - Whitby Galleries November 2013
My infamous Bit of a Squeeze cat flap painting – Whitby Galleries November 2013

Finally, there’s another version of my infamous Bit of a Squeeze painting heading for Whitby so if you’ve missed out on the previous ones and still want one you better be quick! There are also some of my older pieces still available, visit the Whitby Galleries website for more details.

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