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Getting to Grips with Crochet… Again!

My mother likes knitting… actually, I better rephrase that. My mother can knit, although I’m not sure if she loves it, and I remember she tried to teach me how to knit when I was about 12. After weeks of failed attempts I gave up. Something just didn’t feel right. I’m not sure if it was having to use two needles, the action, frustration, or something else entirely. I just couldn’t get to grips with it. It felt awkward.

A couple of years back I tried to teach myself how to crochet and it was more of a success than the knitting was. It felt more natural to me and after a few weeks I had learned enough to make a few small crocheted critters. My first attempt was something that looked like a cross between an egg and a Tribble.

Sleepy Crocheted Critter
Sleepy Crocheted Critter
Sleepy Crocheted Critter Close Up
Close up of Crocheted Critters eyes

He’s basically just a flattened egg crocheted using the same method you use for amigurumi. I used a ball of that fluffy wool you can get for making scarves for the body and a little bit of felt and embroidery thread to create a sleepy face. His little hat is made from an old t-shirt and he used to have a little crocheted nest to sit in but it seems to have disappeared on me.

It was a nightmare to make because of the wool. Not a great choice on my part for a beginner but I have been known to run before I can walk!

Crochet Baby Bunny
Crocheted Amigurumi Bunny
Crochet Baby Bunny Tail
Amigurumi Bunny Pom Pom Tail

I also made a cute little amigurumi bunny complete with nappy and safety pin. I found some basic patterns for body parts on the web for this one and followed it loosely. I wasn’t happy with his arms when I made him and to be honest I’m still not. They could do with being a little longer, I think, but that’s just me.

After a few months the crocheting stopped. Why? I’m not sure but for the first time in over a year I’ve picked up my hook and I’m slowly getting to grips with crochet again!

Crocheted Snowflake attempt 1
My first crocheted snowflake attempt

While I was out shopping last week a certain crochet magazine caught my eye. After humming and harring over the £4.99 price tag I gave in and decided to get one even though I’ve missed 10 issues. There’s lots of projects in there to keep me busy. Scarves, hedgehogs, socks, a cowl, hat, and a snowflake. Unfortunately my attempt at a snowflake looks nothing like the picture in the magazine, but at least it still resembles one!

If I can master the art of crochet I have some projects that I’ve had in mind for months that I’d love to see coming to life.


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Love your cute little bunny! I love crocheting in the winter.

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Thank you Brenda! I love it (even though I’m not that good yet) but I just wish I had more time to just sit and practice.

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