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The North Wind Doth Blow – Cat ACEO Auction

I know I seem to mention the weather a lot but when you live in the UK it’s the thing to do. Mother Nature’s moods are so changeable that it can be blazing sunshine one minute and then giant hail the next. Yesterday it was more like a warm Summer’s day than a day in October but this morning the temperatures are around normal. I’ve heard rumours that we are in for another rough Winter with snow and blizzards so I’ve got my fingers quietly crossed as I love it when it snows!

With the prospect of snow I took to my miniature easel again yesterday to create another cat ACEO from my open ended It’s a Cat’s Life series. They say that when the “North Wind doth blow, We shall have snow” so with that in mind, and as the title for my ACEO, I came up with this. Hold on tight kitty because it looks awfully windy up there by the weather vane!

I don’t normally name my creations before they’ve even been drawn but change is good. Happy bidding!

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