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That’s a Wrap! New Wrapping Paper featuring my Designs

I love it when Zazzle add new product types to their ever expanding inventory and one of the latest to arrive has me very excited. Very excited indeed!

Wrapping Paper Designs by Lisa Marie Robinson

Many moons ago I used to work for a little design studio creating patterns for wallpaper and soft furnishings. While challenging, and a little confusing at times, I loved creating the seamless repeating patterns needed and I still do. In fact, I don’t make enough of them and that’s why I’m loving Zazzle’s new addition, wrapping paper. It’s not wallpaper, but it’s close enough, and I have an excuse to start making patterns again!

There are 3 types of paper to choose from; linen, glossy, and photo gloss, and the 2 foot wide rolls come in 3 different lengths; 6, 15, and 30 foot.

I’m having a lot of fun with them as you can see and I’ve put together a collection of 9 of my favourite gift wrap creations from across all of my Zazzle stores.

View all of my Wrapping Paper designs on Zazzle

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