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A Snowy Owl Graduate

At last it looks like Summer might have eventually arrived to the North-East of England. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to enjoy the sun yet as I’ve been stuck indoors painting, designing, and trying to get my new look website ready for launch. I would take my work outside but it’s a mess out there and I’ve been that busy I haven’t been able to sort it yet!

One of the projects I’ve been working on this week has been a Snowy Owl Graduate.

Snowy Owl Graduate by Lisa Marie Robinson

The brief was simple. A snowy owl, like Hedwig from Harry Potter, wearing a cap and gown, holding a scroll (or under wing), and the scroll needed to have the graduates name on it. I’m still humming the Harry Potter theme and it’s been 4 days since I completed it! Although I love them dearly, it certainly made a change from painting cats and I hope the customer, and the lucky graduate, like it.

My new look website is almost ready so keep an eye out for it appearing very soon. They’ll be a period of maintenance while I sort things out but I’ll make an announcement over on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter before I begin. Not sure how long it’ll be for but it’ll probably be 24 hrs at the very least. This is a big overhaul I’m doing but hopefully mobile and tablet users will have a better experience.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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