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Business Card Design for PBWD

Apart from the few business cards I have on Zazzle, as a rule, I don’t make a habit of designing them for people. It takes me far too long and I’m much more comfortable with art than I am design. The only time I break that rule is when it’s for immediate family or myself.

Business Cards PBWD

I designed these business cards for my brother and had them printed by MOO. He wanted them to match his website, something I also broke the rules for to design for him, and to convey a message he’s sick of repeating. He doesn’t design, he codes.

Front of Business Card PBWD

The little moustached character appears on his website and is lovingly called Paul Poshington. It’s his mascot of sorts and adds a bit of awesomeness to his retro vintage themed website.

The printing by MOO is excellent and my brother loves them so that’s all that matters!

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