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The ACEO Collection 2013 Calendar – It’s A Cat’s Life

I’m in the middle of a new order of paintings for Whitby Galleries but I’ve still managed to find time to create this new 2013 calendar with plenty of time left before Christmas.

The Cat ACEO Collection 2013 Calendar by Lisa Marie Robinson

The ACEO Collection 2013 Calendar (It’s A Cat’s Life) features 6 cat ACEOs per month making a grand total of 72 paintings to brighten your days! I’ve given each month a theme and chosen 6 ACEOs which work well together. For example, Jolly January is filled with cats enjoying the winter snow, Joyant July is seaside themed, and December has elves, stockings and even Father Christmas himself!

The ACEO Collection 2013 Calendar is available from Redbubble priced £20.50. Orders take between 3-15 days to arrive depending on your location. Please allow extra time for customs processing. Thanks!


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I absolutely adore this calendar! <3
It must have taken ages to decide which paintings to use! :)

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Thanks Zoe. You’re right! It took ages to choose which ACEOs worked well together and for which month. Glad you like it :)

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