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Kittens, Snow, Pumpkins and Yarn

A couple of days ago I put the finishing touches to a new painting order for Whitby Galleries. Six to go up for sale in store and one late special request for a customer. Some are new interpretations of previous paintings as requested and the themes include kittens, snow, pumpkins and yarn. I’ve picked 2 of my favourites to show above – Surrogate Mum & Chilly Companion.

If you are in the Whitby area why not pop along to satisfy your cat cravings! You can also visit their website to see what is up for sale and order online. Please note: Artist page may not be up to date.


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Love your kitties and these 2 are extra CUTE! :) LOVE the calico with adopted kittens <3

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Thank you Rachael. Glad you like my kitties… the Calico is one of my personal faves too! :)

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