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The Best Spot on the Beach

At the weekend there was an unusual sight in the sky. The sun. Sunday was the better day and as it was the last of the South Tyneside Summer Festival open-air concerts, featuring The Feeling and Lawson, I thought I’d make a day of it and visit the beach and parks to take some photos for my nature blog… and maybe clear the cobwebs

The salty air must have done the trick as my first ACEO this week was coincidentally a tuxedo cat lying on his stripy beach towel.

Cat ACEO - Best Spot on the Beach by Lisa Marie Robinson

He’s looking rather pleased with himself so no doubt he has the best spot on the beach! This ACEO has now sold.

Today I awoke still feeling the Summer vibes and drew some inspiration from the inevitable that happens when you combine young children and ice-cream, a dropped ice-cream! I love watching as the ice-cream melts faster than they can eat it and they find it almost impossible to hold the top-heavy creamy yumminess upright.

Cat ACEO - Oops Dropped it Sketch

Cat ACEO - Oops Dropped it by Lisa Marie Robinson

This poor kitty who has dropped his strawberry ice-cream on the sand is has also sold

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