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Stalking the Orange Tip: New ACEO

Today was supposed to be gardening Sunday. Plant some lettuce, peas and carrots in the veg patch, start off a few summer flowers in the cold frame. The weather, on the other hand, obviously had a different plan.

It’s been raining since early morning so I used the indoors time to paint the idea for a new ACEO which was in my head when I awoke this morning. Good job it rained, really!

Cat ACEO - Stalking the Orange Tip by Lisa Marie Robinson

This little striped kitty loves to stalk the butterflies as they flutter from flower to flower. Today he has his eyes on an Orange-Tip which has landed nearby.

In case you’re wondering what the blue lines are, they were the beginnings of a boat which was part of a painting for Whitby Galleries. Unfortunately I had an accident and smudged blue all over what was supposed to be the border and had to start again. Why waste paper?

He’s painted in acrylics and is currently listed on eBay until the evening of 11 March 2012! Place your bids!

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