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Tulips in a Glass Vase – Pt. 1

As a ‘not so secret’ Christmas gift for my mum this year I’m painting her a canvas for the feature wall in her living room.

She’s not so long ago decorated and all the prints she liked in the stores were either too big or too small so I said I’d paint one for her. I’ve only just gotten around to it these past few days so I thought it would be nice to share some work in progress photos.

Tulip in a Glass Vase Blank

I’ve recycled an old pre-stretched rectangular canvas I had lying around by removing the canvas and shortening the wood to make it 32″ square. Glued and nailed it back together and then covered with an old white cotton bed sheet. The painting itself is in emulsion and acrylic.

Tulips in a Glass Vase Step by Step 1

Yes, you read right. Ordinary household emulsion. I have left over tester pots in purple, walnut, and green, and a huge tub of white so why waste it?

Tulips in a Glass Vase Step by Step 2

When I asked mum what she wanted the answer was “Anything”. So she’s getting a vase of purple, pink and white tulips. Don’t worry I haven’t decided to paint the 1st thing to enter my mind. She likes flowers so I can’t go wrong. Plus, I ran it by her first!

Tulips in a Glass Vase Step by Step 3

The aim is to keep the painting quite muted and simple as the wall it is going on has red and beige stripes. If it’s too busy a painting it may feel like it’s competing with the wall. Fingers crossed it’ll look okay.

Should be finished in the next day or so so keep an eye out for me posting the finished artwork!

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