Happy Customers

A Lovely Surprise

Way back some time near the end of August I had just finished working on a painting for someone. A painting which I couldn’t even mention for fear of the person it was for hearing about it.

At last I can finally reveal what this mystery painting was.

Congratulations by Lisa Marie Robinson

“Congratulations” was destined to be a surprise gift to commemorate a graduation in November. Well, November has been & gone and on Saturday I received an unexpected but lovely surprise email from the new owner of the painting in question.

Hello, as I have three of your paintings now I just wanted to drop you a message to say how much I love them. My mum had a painting comissioned for my 21st birthday (Tux in Tulips) and I then bought a sunflower one to match. I have been suprised again with a painting comemorating my graduation. They make me smile every morning Thank You.
— Stacey S

I’m so happy you like your paintings Stacey, and Thank you!

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