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Getting to Grips with Pen and Ink

Yesterday was, shall we say, less than productive. Most of it was spent with my head inside my computer installing some new parts. I had planned a new ACEO as well as the new iPhone cases I uploaded to my Redbubble store earlier in the day. Instead I decided to use what little time I had left to do some more experimenting with nothing but black ink.

P J Billinghurst book plates

I adore P J Billinghurst’s intricate black and white illustrations so I decided to take a small section from the peacock Ex Libris book plate above and do a little something based on it. The sunflowers in the bottom right corner seemed a good place to start.

Pen and Ink Sunflower © Lisa Marie RobinsonI kind of like what I came up with. It’s a little messy in places but I’m blaming the pen. My new technical pens are screaming to be used but I refuse to waste ink on roughs and experiments so I’ve been using my inexpensive Uni-ball pens and they have a tendency to feather on any surface.

I was originally going to do a basket weave pattern in the background but somehow it turned into cross-hatching which I’m not all that sure about.

Unfortunately today has been another less than productive day with a trip to the dentist impeding my work flow so I have no new ACEOs.

I’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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