Whitby Galleries

Whitby Galleries Cat Paintings – October 2011

This week I’ve been mostly hard at work creating another 10 cat paintings for Whitby Galleries. Here’s a sneaky peek at what paintings you can expect to see there very soon!

Whitby Galleries cat paintings October 2011 © Lisa Marie Robinson

Dark backgrounds are on the agenda as well as another Bit of A Squeeze (top right). This month’s cat stuck in a cat flap is black and white and attempting to exit a blue door.

We also have a tuxedo cat sleeping amongst old books (bottom left), a tux with a flower vase (top left), and a blue cottage bench (bottom right). Other paintings for this order include something to do with a toy box and an overflowing sink.

The paintings will be at Whitby Galleries in time for half-term holidays starting on October 24th, 2011. Once the paintings are completed I will be creating more ACEOs for eBay and my other online stores.

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