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New Spooky Halloween Party Invitations

Spooky Halloween Party Invitations by Lisa Marie Robinson

Halloween Party Invitations have been on the agenda today. I realized that I don’t have that many so I dug out some spooky creations from last year and gave them a brand new look to create 2 new Spooky invitations!

Black is theme here. Halloween Black with nice simple party information at the top of the invite, in white with an accent colour, and finished off with a big cartoony Halloween image at the bottom.

My Spooky Pumpkin Invitation shown on the left is ideal for those planning a pumpkin carving contest, while the Spooky Mummy Cat Invitation is ideal for those having a scary costume contest!

Both can be personalized with your own information and are available from Zazzle.

Greeting Card Invitations

Mummy Cat Halloween Costume Party Invitation Card cardPumpkin Carving Halloween Party Invitation Card card
If you fancy something a little bit different, these invitations are also available in a folded greeting card format measuring 7 x 5 inches.

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