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Cat and Animal Art Keyrings now available on Artfire

If you’ve read my previous post about Signed ACEO Prints you’ll know that Artfire is who my newest (and eventually main) art and handmade shop is with. The best thing about it is that you don’t need an account with them in order to make purchases. Win!

Cat and Animal Art Keyrings

My range of keyrings which featuring mini prints of my ACEOs, and other art and designs, are making a slow but steady migration over to Artfire. They’ve also got new packaging which makes them ideal to give as small gifts and as each one is hand made to order, and not mass produced in a factory somewhere, it makes them even more special.

See all keyrings currently available »

If there’s a particular artwork / design not available. I will be more than happy to make a keyring up for you with that design.

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