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New Project: Connor the Dinosaur

Time for a sneaky peek at what 2011 has in store! As usual I have a gazzillion project ideas swimming around in my head. I have that many I doubt if I’ll see many of them come to fruition. Having said that one of them is quickly coming to life and it all begins with a dinosaur!

A dinosaur called Connor. As you can see he’s not quite finished. When he is finished, he’ll be the first design to go in my newest Zazzle store. IckleCritters is an old store which I opened as a sandbox to tinker with away from the public eye. However, when it reopens to the public it will be full of products aimed at kids and some of the designs in the pipeline include toucans, giraffes, bears and more dinosaurs.

Keep an eye out for the first Connor the Dinosaur products coming soon!

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