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She Loves Her Bawling Bunny Tee

Bawling Bunny Tshirt - Photos Courtesy of Paolo Jofrey Photography

I don’t get them that often which is a shame, but it’s always nice when someone who has bought something which bears my artwork or designs takes the time to let me know what they think of their purchase. A few days ago Paola Jofre, an award winning photographer, from Ontario, Canada dropped me a quick message via Facebook to let me know just how much her daughter loves her new Bawling Bunny T-Shirt!

She loves her shirt and wears it all the time!Paola

She looks like she adores her t-shirt and it looks like Redbubble did a fantastic job of printing it. Thank you for sharing a few photos with me!

Bawling Bunny is available from Redbubble and Zazzle

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