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Sharpie and Gouache Peacock Experiment

As you know I splashed out on a black Sharpie about a week ago and I’ve been playing with it to see what interesting new styles I can come up with.

Sharpie and Gouache Peacock ACEO Sketch

Sharpie and Gouache © Lisa Marie Robinson

Today I thought I’d try something a little more adventurous in preparation for my new ACEO series’ so I added some colour to an ACEO sized woodcut inspired Sharpie doodle I did yesterday. The result is okay but I don’t like the copper sheen the Sharpie ink seems to develop when you use it on certain surfaces. In this case, gouache. I’ve also discovered that the ink fades & tends to bleed out over time causing yellow feathering on the edges. Not good.

I have however found some old Uni-ball vision (eye) pens which have better reviews by other artists. I might try them out tomorrow. I’m still going to use my Sharpies for some digitally coloured designs I have planned for one of my Zazzle stores.

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