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Coming Soon: Keyrings Featuring My ACEOs & Other Artwork

I’m so excited! You can already buy keyrings from my Lisa Marie Art & Illustration Gift Store over on Zazzle. They are round like a button, are 2.25 inches in diameter, and have a chain attached. I wanted to offer fans of my artwork something else though.

Coming Soon: Keyrings featuring artwork by Lisa Marie Robinson

I’ve been looking around to see if I could make my own, I hope you like them! These exclusive keyrings will only be available through my Etsy store and occasionally eBay. Like the more traditional keyrings you see in the stores, a small print of one of my ACEOs or other artwork is contained within an acrylic plastic casing and viewable on both sides. Each one will be made up by hand when ordered and I have plans to offer different sizes and an alternative square keyring to house prints of my square artwork.

It’s going to be another few days before they are available to buy and there will only be a choice of 5 for sale at first. In the future you will be able to choose any artwork from a given list to be immortalized for your set of keys. Price to be announced but will be in the region of £3.50 (US $5.00)


I’m also working on a major site overhaul. I’m getting a little sick of changing it but this will hopefully be the last for a long while. I’ve just finished a redesign of the HTML, PHP, and jQuery tutorial site The owner felt the old design was boring and wanted to spice things up. I’ve since come to realise that my website is the same. I was trying to keep it minimal to show off the artwork but it doesn’t work. I am working on something new and I hope to have it ready in the next week or so. See you all soon!


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I love the layout, I was actually going to say it’s amazing work. I don’t think anything takes focus off the art. Everything fits and it shows solid branding.

Peace, IZZY

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Thanks Izzy :)

You’ve actually caught me in the middle of a complete redesign of my blog because I’ve outgrown the layout. The theme I’m currently using is a free one I found but I’m going to be changing it to one that I’ve had to design myself as none of the free ones cater for what I have in mind.

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