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All of Your Fave Designs Now Available on Hoodies

Up until now those of you choosing to shop over at my Redbubble store have only had the choice of American Apparel T-Shirts. Not anymore! I’m excited to announce that they’ve now added American Apparel unisex hoodies to their clothing range.

Buy Hoodie Oops I Pooped Cow © Lisa Marie Robinson
Buy Oops I Pooped Cow Hoodie on Redbuble
Buy Hoodie Naked Tortoise © Lisa Marie Robinson
Buy Tort-ally Naked Tortoise Hoodie on Redbubble

These Unisex California Fleece Pullover Hoodies are 100% fleece cotton, and come with a fancy kangaroo pocket and matching drawstrings. It’s a lightweight hoody, so it won’t keep the Arctic chills at bay, but it will keep you warm on a chilly night.

Buy Hoodie Love Bunnies © Lisa Marie Robinson
Buy Valentine Love Bunnies Hoodie on Redbubble
Buy Hoodie Bawling Bunny © Lisa Marie Robinson
Buy Bawling Hoodie on Redbubble

All of our existing t-shirt designs are available on the new hoodies. Just click on an image or the link below the image to be whisked off to Redbubble. If hoodies aren’t your thing, you can choose to have a them on a tee instead!

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