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Queen of Hearts Cat ACEO
General News

First ACEO of 2011

Happy New Year! Today is my first day of painting since 2011 arrived. Over the Holiday period I’ve been watching a lot of movies. Movies which I haven’t had time to sit down and watch…

New Custom iPad and iPhone cases
General News

NEW! Custom iPad and iPhone Cases

Exciting news! Thanks to Zazzle and Speck Products® I am proud to announce that you can now buy custom iPad and iPhone cases featuring my artwork, designs and nature photography! These super stylish cases are…

New Christmas Gift Tags
General News

New Christmas Gift Tag Labels

Jazz up your gifts this Christmas with gift tag labels which feature a selection of my more festive artwork! We have used standard address labels to create our unique gift tags. These Avery® brand labels…

Bawling Bunny T-Shirt Feature Redbubble
General News

Broken Hearted Bunny T-Shirt Featured

Exciting news! “Broken Hearted Bunny T-Shirt” has been picked from thousands and featured on Redbubble’s home page as part of their broken hearted theme on October 21st, 2010. Top row, third from left. What an…

Sleepy Frog
General News

A Poorly 2 Weeks

Sorry for not being around much lately. For the past week and a half or so I have been unwell and not feeling myself. I am starting to feel a lot better but I am…

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