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Under the Moon: New Owl and Cat ACEO

I haven’t had many new ACEOs this month, and I apologise for that, as I’ve been working on getting my new original art store ready for opening, commissions, and a few new vector designs among other things. So, my last miniature creation for this month is another owl and cat ACEO.

Under the Moon Cat and Owl ACEO by Lisa Marie Robinson

You might not think it by looking, as our styles are very different, but this ACEO was actually inspired by a very famous and well recognised piece of poster art. One of my favourite pieces, La tournée du Chat Noir avec Rodolphe Salis (1896) by Théophile Alexandre Steinlen.

Tournee du chat noir

I’ve always loved this poster so I decided to create my own, if not very subtle, tribute to it. I hope you like it. If you would like to add my owl and cat ACEO to your collection it will be up for auction on eBay until June 05, 2014.

Happy bidding! – Bid on Under the Moon Owl and Cat ACEO on eBay.

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