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New Creative Ideas: Miniature Drinks Coaster Art

I hate waste. Old Christmas gift boxes have been turned in to storage for art materials. I also have a mountain of cardboard boxes & old packaging that I reused to strengthen envelopes for posting. Bubble wrap, don’t get me started on the bubble wrap!

In the middle of an early drawer Spring clean a few weeks ago, I found a couple of packs of drinks coasters. Those square ones made from wood with cork bottoms. Not sure how long they’ve been in there, or how they even got there in the first place. None of that matters now though because they are destined to be made into some miniature drinks coaster art!

Barn Owl Coaster Art - Work in Progress

After a quick sand, to remove the generic floral patterns, and a few coats of white paint they’re now ready and waiting for their new artwork. I might use a few of them to paint some cats but for the moment it’s all about the birds. A barn owl and a mallard to be precise.

Mallard Duck Coaster Art - Work in Progress

Once finished they won’t become usable coasters again. Instead, I’m hoping to be able to attach some kind of hanger to the back so they can be hung on the wall. If that doesn’t work, I might see if I can source some little plate stands so they can be stood on a shelf or desk. Or, I could frame them… somehow? I really should work out the technical part before I start painting!

Not sure when these little coasters will be available to buy. These ones have been in the works for about a month now, I think. I have a lot of new ideas running around in my head at the moment so I’m flitting from project to project. Everything seems to be half finished but I’m getting there. Slowly.

Right then, time to tackle that pile!

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