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Cat Art Fridge Magnets (Jumbo Size) are now Available!

Who wants magnets? Jumbo sized cat art fridge magnets? Yup, I’ve been slaving away for a few days faffing about with printer settings, carefully selecting paper, and trying really, really hard not to cut myself (ouchies!) in order to make some beautifully large magnets.

Jumbo Cat Art Fridge Magnets

All the ones you can see in the photos are available to buy on eBay. There’s only one of each, for the moment, so when they’re gone, they’re gone! I’ve chosen a nice selection of both my whimsical kitty illustrations and some that are in a more realistic style. There’s also a wide variety of themes including, winter, seaside, angels and Halloween. Most of these are single magnets but there are a couple of twin packs, yay!

Jumbo Cat Art Fridge Magnets

Each one is approximately 3×2 inches, a little bit smaller than my wee ACEO paintings. The actual magnet is strong and good enough to hold a few sheets of paper which is more than ample. You’re not exactly going to be sticking entire books to your fridge with these… or are you?


  • Jumbo Cat Art Fridge Magnet (Single) – £3 + P&P
  • Jumbo Cat Art Fridge Magnet (Twin Pack) – £5.50 + P&P

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They also have custom designed handmade packaging which means they can easily be given as gifts to friends and family!

What else is on the horizon?

I’ve got more magnets on the way which are destined for my Etsy store and they’ll be joined by a brand new original painting. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen it, a vintage style tabby cat wearing a sailor outfit. He’s going to come with a window mount so he can be popped straight in a frame, I just need to sort one out. Trying to get art & craft supplies where I live (without the use of the internet) is like mining for gold in a tar pit!

Ninja edit: Okay. So. I’ve sold the snowman twin pack already, so best be quick!

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