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NEW Cat Art & Nature Inspired Tote Bags Available from Society6

To be able to have one of my paintings or designs printed across the entirety of a bag is something I’ve been searching for for whats seems like forever. Well, I’ve finally found the perfect bags at Society6 and I think I am in love with them!

Cat Art Tote Bags by Lisa Marie Robinson
Cat Art Tote Bags by Lisa Marie Robinson

As you can see I’ve already added bags featuring some of my most popular cat paintings. I especially like how my sweet little angel kitty and snoozing tuxedo counting sheep have turned out.

Unfortunately I don’t have many cat paintings that are the right size for adding to the bags. I’ll have to see if I can work something out as most of my paintings have sold so I can’t re-scan them.

Girly Tote Bags by Lisa Marie Robinson
Tote Bags for Girls by Lisa Marie Robinson

It’s not a problem for the moment though as I have plenty of other designs and illustrations which I can use. Designs like my summery ice-cream pattern and Love America design!

Nature Inspired Tote Bags by Lisa Marie Robinson
Nature Inspired Tote Bags by Lisa Marie Robinson

For the nature lovers I also have a few designs which have been inspired by flowers, fungi, and trees. I love all three of these designs and the Spotty Fungi pattern is a hit with my mum.

I hope you like this small selection of tote bags which I’ve already posted for sale. Below you can find a full list of all the bags featured above, prices, and links.

There are also several other bag designs and a bunch of other cool products featuring my artwork including mugs, phone cases, and framed prints in my Society6 store.

Happy Monday!

  1. Guardian Angel Tote Bag – from $18.00
  2. Motherly Love Tote Bag – from $18.00
  3. Sheep Dreams Tote Bag – from $18.00
  4. Ice Lollies & Frozen Treats Tote Bag – from $18.00
  5. Packed to the Brim with Awesome Things Tote Bag – from $18.00
  6. Love America Tote Bag – from $18.00
  7. Spotty Fungi Pattern Tote Bag – from $18.00
  8. Funky Flowers Tote Bag – from $18.00
  9. Retro Fall Autumnal Trees Tote Bag – from $18.00

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