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Whitby Galleries

A Few Gothic Felines Heading for Whitby Galleries

For a little over a week I’ve been beavering (or should that be ‘catting’) away on a new set of 6 cat paintings for Whitby Galleries. I added the finishing touches yesterday and must admit that I’m a little sad to see them go. There’s quite a mix of themes this month and I really enjoyed painting them.

Cat Paintings - Whitby Galleries January 2014
01. Box Full of Love — 02. Camouflage

First we have one which is perfect for Valentine’s Day. I painted an ACEO version of this tuxedo cat in love with his box early last year and thought it could work well in this format. On the right is a sleeping striped tabby not-so-camouflaged on a bed.

Cat Paintings - Whitby Galleries January 2014
03. I’ll be Waiting — 04. Ginger Nap

Sometimes I find it difficult to come up with titles for my paintings and this set of paintings was no exception. The black angel cat and sleeping ginger kitty above had me scratching my head for quite a while. Ginger Nap on the right has a slight Gothic influence with its candlestick and ornate frame.

Why Gothic? Well, I was asked to paint a few Gothic-y themed cat paintings to test the waters and despite loving everything about the Goth culture, I have to say, it was quite difficult. Just how exactly do you combine my cutesy style with Goth? Well, the two paintings below are the result…

Cat Paintings - Whitby Galleries January 2014
05. Familiar Friends — 06. Samhain

What do you think? I really wanted to keep these 2 paintings for myself as I’ve fallen in love with both of them! The painting on the left is of a cute tuxedo kitty and a raven sitting on a piece of skull. The one on the left is of an all black vampiric kitty who is sitting in front of a gargoyle on a pedestal… Or is he?

I also took the opportunity to try out a new technique I’ve been developing which is inspired by old woodblock prints. I rather like it and think it works well so expect to see it creeping in to more artwork this year.

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