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Crime Scene - Cat ACEO by Lisa Marie Robinson
General News

Only 3 Days Left!

Hurry! The auction for my lastest cat ACEO from the It’s A Cat’s Life series comes to an end in just over 3 days. Caught Leaving the Crime Scene was created using acrylic on watercolour…

Queen of Hearts Cat ACEO
General News

First ACEO of 2011

Happy New Year! Today is my first day of painting since 2011 arrived. Over the Holiday period I’ve been watching a lot of movies. Movies which I haven’t had time to sit down and watch…

Cat ACEO: Little Leo
Art / Design / Illustration

Little Leo

You may or may not have noticed that my revamped store hasn’t made an appearance yet. Unfortunately, I had a rush order of 7 paintings to complete for Whitby Galleries and, I hit a snag…

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