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New Cat Illustrations at Whitby Galleries this Month

I have lots of new quirky cat illustrations arriving at Whitby Galleries this month. The first set will be available for sale within the next few days, and the second set will arrive later this month.

Fans of my seaside kitties will be glad to see them making another appearance this month but first up are a couple of seafaring tuxedo cats.

“Adrift” and “Whitby Belle”

One has managed to drift out to sea in a rubber ring while the other is enjoying a lazy day on the Whitby Belle. Now for those sand loving cats!

“Smokey’s Castle” and “The One that Got Away”

A grey tabby called Smokey sits next to a sandcastle topped with a paw print flag in “Smokey’s Castle” and a lucky fish manages to escape the clutches of a rotund ginger kitty in “The One that Got Away”.

“A Sandy Spot” and “Hidden Culprit”

The final seaside cat illustration is of a peaceful tuxedo cat enjoying the view of shells and starfish from his sandy spot on the beach. The rest are a mixed bunch starting with a naughty kitty who is trying to get his feline friend in trouble by hiding behind a torn curtain.

“Bow Ties are Cool” and “Peeping Tom”

Next is, you could say, a tribute to Doctor Who. We all know bow ties are cool and this ginger tom cat knows it too! Last, but not least, is a sneaky peeping tom cat spying through a window at the cat next-door.

Well, that’s it. They should be arriving today and will be available for sale very soon. Each one is fully framed, the artwork itself measures approximately 5″ x 5″, and they cost £50. Please contact Whitby Galleries with any enquiries you may have regarding these illustrations.

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