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Whitby Galleries

10 New Cat Paintings for Whitby Galleries

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of Summer. The UK is currently in the grips of a mini heatwave and I’m not enjoying in the slightest. I think we’re now on day 14 and I’m beginning to wish it was cooler. These old British houses aren’t built for the heat and every room is like a sauna despite having the windows open and the fan on.

The heat isn’t so good for painting either. Acrylic dries fast to start with. Add warm weather and it starts to dry before you can even get it down on paper! My solution is to have wet kitchen paper towel (or loo roll) nearby as the water evaporating moistens the air and gives you extra work time. Not a lot extra but it’s enough!

Anyway, back to today. I’ve just sent a new set of 10 cat paintings off to Whitby Galleries for the Summer and thought I’d give you all a look at them before they go on display. Each one is approximately 5″ x 5″ with a half inch border and come fully framed by the kind people at Whitby Galleries. If you see a painting that you’re interested in buying you can pop along to the galleries or order online.

From top left (clockwise) starting at image one we have:

  1. It’s Under Here Somewhere
  2. Double Trouble
  3. At the Cottage Window
  4. Tulips and Butterflies
  5. Sleeping Box
  6. Planters are for Cats not Flowers
  7. Ingredients for Love
  8. Bottom Drawer Dweller
  9. Sea, Sand and Happiness
  10. Beach Huts

I have a favourite, do you?

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