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Little Red Riding Hood & the Wolf

Happy Monday! It’s been exactly a week since I painted anything new so I sat down this morning with a blank piece of watercolour paper in front of me. The first thing that popped in to my head was Little Red Riding Hood so I went with that as inspiration for my latest cat ACEO.

This isn’t the first time I’ve painted a cat as Red Riding Hood and it probably won’t be the last either!

Little Red Riding Hood Cat ACEO lined

I started by sketching the vision in my head straight on to the watercolour paper. The scene in my vision depicted Riding Hood having just emerged from the forest with the wolf behind her staying at the edge of the clearing. When I was happy with the scene I inked in the outline with a waterproof fineliner.

Little Red Riding Hood Cat ACEO wash

Then I used my watercolours to add washes of colours as a guideline to follow with my acrylics. Half way through painting I decided to change the wolf so that it was howling as can be seen below.

Little Red Riding Hood Cat ACEO final

Approximately 2 hours later, “Just Made It” was finally finished. Hopefully there won’t be as long of a gap before my next painting. Last week I had a giant wooden pet enclosure to finish for my baby degus.

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