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Sketches & Work in Progress

Ian Somerhalder Sketch

Sketching, in my opinion, is something that every artist (or illustrator) should be doing on a regular basis and I hold my hands up for being guilty of NOT doing this myself… until today!

I normally do some sort of preliminary sketch for almost all of my paintings and illustrations anyway but what I don’t do is sketch for the sake of sketching. Actually picking up a pencil and sketching something that’s not related to any current projects I’m involved with or normally paint.

So at 8:40AM while staring at my desktop wallpaper of Ian Somerhalder (Lost, Vampire Diaries), I decided to do a sketch of it… Argh… People! In all honest I am not overly comfortable with the human form in general. Give me an animal any day.

Ian Somerhalder Pencil Sketch © Lisa Marie Robinson

His left eye (as you look at it) is a bit iffy but overall it ain’t half bad… considering I don’t do people. Wonder what I’ll sketch tomorrow!

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