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New Cute Cat Art Mugs Available from

Just in time for Christmas, and for fans of my cat illustrations that live in the UK, I have a new set of 10 cute cat art mugs available to buy from Bespo that will make tea breaks purr along nicely!

Tuxedo Cat and Beach Huts Mug
“Red, Yellow, Green, Blue”Tuxedo Cat and Beach Huts Mug

There are a mix of old and new designs to choose from. These include some of my Cats and Beach Huts illustrations and old favourites like “Searching for Treasure”, a cat rummaging through a drawer, and “Sheep Dreams”, a tuxedo cat and 2 mice sleeping on a hill as sheep jump overhead.

Tuxdo Cat Searching for Treasure Mug
“Searching for Treasure”Tuxedo Cat and Beach Huts Mug

I love how they have turned out. At the moment, there aren’t that many print on demand type websites based in the UK. The ones that are don’t have large product ranges like their American counterparts. I would love one that sells greeting cards, square in particular, but that’s a whole other sob story. We’re here to talk mugs, dammit!

New Cat Art Mugs at Bespo

As you can imagine I have many, many more pieces of cat artwork and illustrations that I will be turning in to mugs in the near and distant future and I’m aiming to have another 10 available to buy before Christmas.

Each mug costs £10* and they are printed on demand** by in Birmingham, here in the UK.

* Price correct at time of publication on October 30, 2015.
** Designs are printed on to blank mugs when ordered. This means if only one is ever sold you own something very unique!

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