Hello, I'm Lisa-Marie.

Quirky lover of cute with a passion for painting animals, especially cats. Addicted to creating ACEO and small format art & illustrations, and partial to a few curries.

Since 2010, I have been unleashing my cute "It's a Cat's Life" ACEO creations and other animal art on the world. Being naturally small in stature myself, and with limited wall space at home, I gravitated towards producing original art and illustration which are equally as small, but most importantly, affordable!

My favourite style to work in has a cute whimsical appeal very reminiscent of children's books, and although I have tried to create pieces of a darker nature, like vampires and monsters, somehow they end up oozing cuteness too!

Three Degus

and the Cat Nextdoor

Meet the little furries who are a big part of my life and inspiration for my creations!

  • Claudielf - Sleeve Inspector


    Sleeve Inspector

    Long sleeves are perfect for tunnelling in. It's Claudielf's job to make sure they meet all the safety requirements.

  • Mrs. F-alump - Gym Freak

    Mrs. F-alump

    Gym Freak

    Always watching her weight,
    Mrs. F-alump spends up to 8 hours a day on her excercise wheel. Does my bum look big in this?

  • Myka Beany - Demolition

    Myka Beany

    Degu Demolition

    Myka Beany has OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Demolishing Disorder. If it's broken, demolish it. If it's not broken… demolish it anyway!

  • Myka Beany - Demolition

    Mr Biggles

    Feline Muse

    Mr Biggles lives nextdoor. He's a strange old fellow and the inspiration for much of my work. Loves digging my plants up!